A Momentous Announcement

Lynn Wright

"Every Johnny Raw in the country is strolling through Manhattan, popping sunflower seeds and looking for Schubert Alley!" Devin shook his head in disgust and threw himself into the nearest chair.

Vincent smiled his small smile. "Did you find the streets to be congested, Devin?"

Devin look even more disgusted. "Yes, Vincent, I did find the streets congested. The kids on rollerblades alone are enough to make a man sit down and cry! And Central Park? There were so damn many people that the park entrance was impossible. I had to go clear uptown and enter through some damp smelly basement. This city is getting to be insufferable!"

"You should try seeing it from above, at night. It’s beautiful then, and peaceful."

"That wouldn’t help me to get from Grand Central to the tunnels though, now would it?"

Vincent, as was his habit, dropped his head down as his smile widened. "No, I don’t think it would. What brings you to the tunnels this time, Devin? Not that we don’t welcome you at any time, but there is usually a reason."

"Yes, there’s a reason, and I thought it was a good reason. I got a letter from Father that told me that you were in some large amount of trouble, trouble with Catherine." He leaned back in his chair and looked at Vincent searchingly. "But I guess the trouble is over with, huh?"


"That’s all you’re going to say? Yes? I come all the way from…well, never mind where, and all you have to say is ‘Yes‘?

Vincent smiled again, this time openly. "Yes."


"Your trip was not wasted, however, Devin. You’ve come in time to be best man at my wedding."

Devin did a double take. "Wedding? Wedding? Wait! I’ve gotta call the Village Voice! She finally talked you into it!"

"She did indeed. She’s pregnant." Vincent was enjoying this.

Devin looked truly speechless, for the first time in Vincent’s memory. But being Devin, he recovered quickly. "My God. You’re…you’re going to be a father! How does that hit you, Vincent?"

"I’m…truly blessed, Devin. My life is…complete."

"I should think so! Well, if anyone deserves it, you do. Congratulations, old men, this couldn’t happen to a better guy." Devin got up to take Vincent into his embrace. "I’m very happy for you." He let Vincent go with a thump on the shoulder.

"But…but wait a minute! My God, my life is over! Get me a rocking chair and a cane! I’m going to be…I can’t stand it. I’m going to be…an uncle!"